Welcome Home – Returning to Vieques Island

Oh Vieques. It’s been 8 long years since I’ve seen you. I’m so happy to be back….for 5 weeks. We’ve sure got some time to reacquaint ourselves with one another.


So this crazy thing happened last week.

I got the opportunity to housesit on Vieques Island. When the idea was suggested, I think my heart literally skipped a beat. Vieques is near and dear to my heart. This is the place that my husband and I went on our honeymoon. This is the place we returned on our 5th wedding anniversary. This is also the place that we came back for our 10th wedding anniversary, and my husband surprised me with a vow renewal ceremony.


My new home away from home.

My new home away from home.



Vieques, you stole my heart long ago.

But I’ve only been here for a weeks’ stretch at a time. On vacation. Now, I’m proud to say, I’m LIVING on Vieques Island. I want to share my experiences with you as I revisit this beautiful, unspoiled, underdeveloped island. I’ll be shopping for my own groceries at the local supermarket and fresh fruits and vegetables at the Fruit Truck.

It’s a gem in the rough, but a priceless gem, I assure you.

So I was only a week out from the expected departure date. I was kinda freaking out, because we all know that booking a last minute flight is probably going to cost us our first born child. I began to look online, at the typical travel sites Travelocity, Expedia, etc. I wanted to fly out of our smaller local airport, rather than Boston, and I fully expected to pay more for that. To my GREAT surprise, I booked directly with Southwest Airlines. The roundtrip flight from Manchester, NH, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, was a paltry $368.00. People, let me be the first to tell you that it is possible to book last minute flights and get an incredibly reasonable deal.


Now there’s also the business of getting from San Juan to Vieques Island, about a 26 minute flight on whats considered a “puddle jumper.” Prices for this did vary depending on the time you wanted to fly out, with the maximum cost being $149.00 each way. I lucked out and paid $100.00 to Cape Air each way, because the person I’m house sitting for had purchased a special coupon book for frequent Vieques fliers which entitled him to a substantial discount.

Cape Air pilot giving pre-flight instructions.

Cape Air pilot giving pre-flight instructions.

So I’m in Vieques now, and I’d like to share with you my experiences. Life on an island is way different from living on the mainland. VERY DIFFERENT. You’ve heard of island time, right? Well, I’m living it. Right now. Right this very second. As the apples ripen on the trees at home and the temperatures at night cool off substantially, I’m sweating my you know what off. And I wouldn’t change a thing. Because before you know it, I’ll be shoveling snow again.

In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be sitting in the pergola surrounded by flowers with my ever so slight view of the sea.



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  1. Greg

    OMG! What an amazing opportunity! How awesome of you to jump at this one. Btw, you should link back to this post from various appropriate spots in other posts from this stay on Vieques. That way it encourages people to visit other pages and enables them to get a better understanding of the whole story.

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