The Spa At The Mount Washington Hotel

When you visit a spa, what are your expectations? The spa experience should be the ultimate journey into unwinding and de-stressing your life, if only for a few precious hours. Your expectations should be high. Mine were, and they were completely fulfilled at the spa at the Mount Washington Hotel.




The 25,000 square foot spa at the Omni Mount Washington Resort is nothing short of magnificent. Not only because it’s HUGE, which it is, but because it’s both elegant and welcoming. The moment I descended the stone staircase to the spa, I felt an immediate sense of peacefulness and calm. I have a suspicion you’ll feel the same way.




I’ve been to a lot of different spas in my life. That’s not to say I’m wealthy (I’m not), but like a lot of women, I like to take some time out of my busy life to pamper myself. I call it “detoxing from life.”



My favorite spa treatments include massages, pedicures, and facials. You’ll find an incredible menu of options at the spa, with unique choices like the Moor Mud Wrap utilizing organic Moor mud and the Alpine Body Glo featuring the spa’s own signature body polish that you won’t find elsewhere. They’ve really succeeded in taking a personal approach to their services and are more than accommodating with any special requests which you may have.

Margaret, my pedicurist, came to get me after just a short stay in the waiting room. It’s a relaxing spot with muted lighting, flavored waters, and dried fruits and nuts. The spa is a labyrinth of hallways and rooms and without guidance, you could easily get lost. There are a variety of relaxation rooms, some with curtains for privacy and peace.



IMG_0048 (1)

You choose your own polish from a vibrant selection of colors. You’ll also take home that small bottle of polish, which I think is fantastic (and necessary) to touch up any chips you may get after you’ve left. You also select a scented scrub for the leg exfoliation part of the program. If you’re indecisive, like me, because all of the scents are so tempting, they’ll let you choose two. I chose the Mandarin and Oolong scents, which were fresh and natural smelling.



The manicure/pedicure room has several stations. There’s a comfortable bench with an assortment of throw pillows that can be adjusted for your ease. Margaret offered me a heated neck wrap, which I happily accepted. My feet slipped into the warm, jetted tub and immediately relaxation took over. You also have the option of ordering a glass of wine or other libation to enjoy while you slip into your state of peacefulness. Yes, please!


The entire experience was truly amazing. Margaret and I chatted while she expertly transformed by winter worn toes into polished works of art. I sipped my sparkling wine and relaxed from my Earth Day hike merely an hour before. There were other women in there as well, a large group who celebrate “girl’s weekend away” every year at the Mount Washington. It’s also a very popular spot for bride’s and their bridal parties to receive their pre-wedding pampering.



No matter what the occasion, you’ll find a great reason to experience the Spa at the Mount Washington Hotel. Gorgeous surroundings and expert care are two of the reasons why I chose to go there, and why I’ll return again in the near future!


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