Delicious Southwestern Food in Northern New Hampshire

I had to write about the Margarita Grill in Glen, New Hampshire. HAD TO. Like, the day AFTER I ate there for the first time. It’s THAT good!


I’m no foodie, but I do appreciate delicious food. Especially when the menu is sustainable and boasts its support of local farms and producers of high quality products. When the ingredients which go into the making of your food are brought in right from your own state, you have a feeling you’re onto something special.


According to the website, “The food at Margarita Grill is Southwestern, a blend of many cuisines: gringo, Native American, Pre-Hispanic, Hispanic, Cowboy, Chuckwagon, and Mexican, with a smattering of Creole and Cajun thrown in for good measure.” I’d say that covers it.



My family of four started off with the fire roasted salsa served with crispy corn chips. I would have taken a picture, except my family started eating it before I returned from the women’s room. When I took my first bite, I understood why it was already half gone. The salsa is DELICIOUS, and truly is fire roasted. You could taste it, which brought out the smokiness as well as the sweet. And there was a kick to it, which three out of four (my youngest not so much) really liked.

The second appetizer, which also didn’t make it to a photo, was the scallops manchego. This was one of the best food items I have ever put in my mouth. I couldn’t stop saying how good it was! A wild caught Maine scallop was nestled into a delectable mushroom, and then floated in a sea of mushrooms, sherry, cream, and manchego cheese sauce. Pieces of crusty baguette surrounded the plate for dipping. The sauce was thick and rich and the flavor profile was spot on.

My husband had the gigantor burrito, which lived up to its name. Half of it came home in a to go box, it was that big. Filled with smoked brisket, chicken, beans, rice, salsa, and cheese and then covered in enchilada sauce, it was a hungry man’s dream. I tried a bite, of course, and absolutely loved the smokiness of the brisket. They took no shortcuts with that meat, and you could smell the deliciousness of meats being smoked when you entered and exited the restaurant.


My daughter ordered the spinach and mushroom enchilada, made with said vegetables, black beans and roasted tomatoes, as well as Cojita cheese and Mexican crema. Another grand slam out of the ballpark. So fresh and tasty! She didn’t get the memo and ordered mashed potatoes instead of their Aztec rice, but the ‘taters were creamy and equally delicious.


I ordered the special tacos of the day. I received two soft flour tacos with blackened sea scallops. Scallops are some of my favorite seafood, and these were tender, juicy, and cooked to perfection. Fresh slaw and garden greens added that much needed crunch and wonderful freshness. Chopped tomatoes added good balance of acidity.


Have I mentioned the cornbread yet? Oh my. It was amazing! So moist and with a really good hint of sweetness. I devoured mine and probably should have gotten a to go order! Whenever I make it at home, it tends to be dry and flavorless. Not so with the Margarita Grill’s.

Even though we were all stuffed to the max, we couldn’t go without dessert (and I never eat dessert at restaurants). I ordered the flan with a gingerbread tasting cookie and sauce with whipped cream. I love the texture of flan, but it’s easy to mess it up. This was firm yet creamy and was so delicious. My children shared the brownie sundae, which had a super moist, super chocolatey brownie and creamy vanilla ice cream. Both were devoured!



Menu prices, in my opinion, are very reasonable. We got plenty of food and all had leftovers to go home with us, which served as the next day’s lunch. The ingredients were creative, fun, and fresh. I mentioned to my husband that it was nice to see ingredients and sauces that you don’t always find on other menus. The selection was fantastic….everyone in our party had not problems finding exactly what they wanted.

We’ll definitely be back, because there are so many other menu items that we’d like to try. If you find yourself in the North Country of New Hampshire (perhaps you’ve heard of Story Land, a great family oriented theme park visited by many in the summer), then you’re in the Margarita Grill’s neck of the woods, and I’d highly recommend making a detour for lunch or dinner!

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