Delicious Richardson’s Ice Cream at The Ice Cream House

Any summer day to me is the perfect day for ice cream. After further consideration, I’d say any day during the year is fair game for this delicious treat.


Recently I stopped at an ice cream shop in Cape Neddick, Maine that I’ve literally passed every time I go to the beach. I’ve never stopped before because I’m either passing by in the morning before they’re open, or at the end of the day when I’m sunburned and anxious to make the hour and a half drive to get home.


Had I known all of these years what I’d been missing, I would have made it a point to stop at The Ice Cream House before each trek homeward. They scoop Richardson’s Ice Cream, made fresh in Middleton, Massachusetts, and I now know what so many other great connoisseurs of ice cream know –  it’s the BEST ice cream that you will EVER eat in your life!


The Ice Cream House is a cute little yellow shingled building on US Route 1, located between Ogunquit and York. It’s a simple place, but with much charm. When you enter the house, you’re standing in front of an old fashioned looking ice cream fountain. Off to the side is a small counter with seats if you’d like to sit indoors, or there are plenty tables outdoors to enjoy your ice cream in the sun.


The ice cream board is extensive, offering a vast selection of Richardson’s ice cream and frozen yogurt. My favorite, Almond Joy, just happened to be first on the board. There’s also a fantastic selection of sugar cones and waffle cones, some plain, others dipped in decadent chocolate and still others with rainbow colored jimmies. The specialty waffle cones are delicious, and almost have a hint of cinnamon in them to me, but it’s a secret recipe, so I can’t be sure.




So, let’s talk about the ice cream that they serve. Richardson’s Ice Cream is super premium ice cream, made with amazingly fresh, natural ingredients, and is comprised of 16% butterfat.

Your diet can wait, trust me.

The Richardson Family started farming in 1690 and began making ice cream in 1952. Today, the 8th and 9th generations of Richardson’s are carrying on the tradition of making top quality milk and ice cream. They clearly care about what they’re doing, and it shows.

I thought that I had died and gone to heaven, after the very first bite. Creamy does not even begin to describe the consistency of this ice cream. It’s velvety and rich and I found that I was just swirling it around my mouth and taking in all of the flavors. The huge chunks of chocolate, coconut, and almonds made it a textural feast in my mouth. I instantly exclaimed to the server, “This is the best ice cream that I’ve ever eaten, even better than Ben and Jerry’s!” I think that my mouth was even still full.



The prices are very reasonable and the scoops are quite generous. It’s probably a good thing that the Ice Cream House is so far away, or I’d be visiting several times a week, at least. Check them out for the best ice cream, family friendly atmosphere, and kind ice cream scoopers. Don’t wait for years like I did!

I’ve got a lot of lost time to make up for!

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