Cocktails And A Sunset At The W Retreat & Spa

If you think the W Retreat & Spa is only for the wealthy or well to do, think again. I’m neither, and although I won’t be staying there as a guest anytime soon, I visited recently to enjoy some cocktails and a spectacular sunset.

This was my first time to the W. I decided to check out their Facebook page and see if they were advertising any events. Turns out, they have a spot on their page called “Sip & Savor Specials.” This advertises any special promotions that they may have running. I learned that nightly, from 4-6pm, they offer glasses of house red, white, or cava. From 4-5pm it’s $4 a glass, and from 5-6pm $5 a glass.

The property is, quite simply, gorgeous. It’s warm and inviting and truthfully everything you’d expect aesthetically in a Caribbean oasis. You pass through the Great House to reach the front of the property. There’s a welcoming fire pit which is lit every evening. There are also many chairs and small tables in which to sit at and enjoy the most breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and their own private beach.




I chose a front row seat right on the edge of the cliff. I figured that the night was early, I was sober, and my chances of falling off at that point were little to none. It’s really windy there, but with the sun beating down, it helps keep the sweat and bugs at bay.


I sipped glasses of cava and felt like a million bucks, even though I don’t have a million bucks. I snapped many pictures of the waves crashing into the rocky shoreline below.


And I just sat there. Taking it all in. People were milling about and engaging one another in conversation. I happened to notice someone snapping pictures of a young, lithe girl performing yoga positions as her legs encompassed the sun for a killer shot. I ended up saying hello to the photographer (who happened to be with the HGTV crew) there shooting an episode of Caribbean Life on the island. I’m so glad that I did, as I ended up making a few friends that evening and learned about what they do and how exciting it is to travel the world full time.



The staff at the W I encountered that evening were wonderful. The waitress was attentive, even though it was just her and quite a few people to serve. She brought water and a small snack plate of crunchy chips and nuts. She also made sure I always had a drink, which after a few glasses of cava, turned into a mojito.



The mojito was super tasty and probably one of the best ones that I’ve had. I love fresh mint in drinks, and this being a key ingredient, really made the drink for me. She also brought over a complimentary drink. I don’t remember the name of it, but it was essentially a twist on the Long Island Ice Tea. Those I’m not a fan of, although I politely took a sip.



The impending sunset loomed on the horizon. People became snap happy and were clicking away as the sun blazed in the background. I was one of those people, looking forward to the beauty that mother nature bestows upon us. There’s something about a sunset that never gets old, no matter how many times or where you’ve seen it.



Sunsets are magical. The one I saw at the W was no exception. The sky was on fire and the palm trees nearby were the perfect backdrop to capture the moment.



This may have been my first sunset at the W, but it won’t be my last.

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